GENKING look.2

Installment #2! A lesson about the positive way of living from GENKING

GENKING is special; he bridges the gap between pretty looks and unique personality. He’s always happy and full of smiles, but during the shoot he looks serious, and we were able to catch a glimpse of his strong sense of beauty. In this installment, GENKING puts forth a glowing expression, as we hear all about his private life and love life!


   2015 was a big year for you, wasn’t it? 

Yeah, my life completely changed this year! I’d never been on TV before last March, and I hung out in Shibuya every day, but now I don’t usually don’t have time to go out anymore (laughs). I can’t even go out without makeup anymore. I have bad posture–I’m kind of round shouldered, but now I’m so much more aware of people noticing me in public, and it’s gotten even worse. I’m a slouchy little cat (smiles). But other than that, my work is lots of fun, and I’m just so happy that I’ve broken into the fashion world!

   How about any changes in your private life?

Yeah, quite a few. For one thing, from my debut up until summer, there was someone special, but then he got a girlfriend…. But, my debut was such an important time for me, so I think thanks to being so into him, it made me look my best, which helped overall. At first I wasn’t even wearing any makeup, and my hair wasn’t long like this, so falling in love really helped me develop my current persona (smiles).


   It was because of a love interest that you morphed into your current visual-kei look too, right?

Yeah, so now my hair’s like this (chuckles). And my eyelashes too (tee hee). But also because of that, I’ve had more shoots for ladies’ magazines, and been invited to lots of shows and collections, like the TGC and all kinds of jobs. So, it’s been a really beneficial thing for me.

   So, what kind of personality do you have?

Hmm. I’m kind of like a spoiled cat (smiles). My personality has always been catlike; my friends always treat me like a spoiled child, but on the other hand, if they don’t coddle to me, I get all emo and want to go home (laughs). I do what I want, that’s for sure.


   Would you say you’re positive or negative?

I’m hyper positive! I’m a complete masochist, and also a complete sadist (smiles). Because I have two sides to myself, I’m sure part of me is negative too. There are definitely times when I’m just like, “Forget it,” but then in my mind I say to myself, “Come on, if you get past this, it’ll be the next step in your self-development! You’ve got this, it will only make you stronger! All right, let’s do this!” Like that. That’s my positive mindset.


   Wow, I feel like I’ve just learned an important life lesson (laughs). So, tell us what’s in store for 2016!

This past year I’ve been on TV, done magazine shoots and been in big shows, and had my long-awaited debut, so it’s really been a year of seeing my dreams come true. In this next year I want to finally get into fashion.

It’s not like I’m not a post-op transgender with fake breasts or anything like that (laughs). So, I want to create a new kind of fashion platform in which I can be a men’s model as well as a ladies’ model. And this year I definitely want to go overseas with my fashion!


   Are there any romantic interests you have your sights set on?

I want to find a nice guy, and just be one of those couples everyone is jealous of. If I see any guys with a nice beard on Instagram near here, I might just see what happens…. (laughs). Oh, the staff guys today were all really nice actually! So that got me really hyped up. You guys should have me back again sometime! ♡♡♡