Kento Kaku look.1

Kento Kaku has a jam-packed schedule of appearances!
We had an interview with this actor, who can be seen in all kinds of different areas.

Kento Kaku displays impressive range, portraying a variety of different roles, in dramas, movies, and on stage. Tall and slim, and with handsome features, Kento wears Onitsuka Tiger items with a stylish flair. He tells us some great stuff, including his fashion and an episode from his private life!


── Tell us how you felt about this outfit.

I like it; it’s stylish, yet simple and unpretentious. I thought the cut of the pants was really nice. And the shoes are so light! They really felt so much lighter than other shoes.

When I’m wearing street clothes, if they feel the slightest bit heavy, I want to take them off right away (laughs), but this outfit didn’t give me any stress at all.

── What’s your view of OnitsukaTiger?

I have this one friend who has a great sense of style. Once, I saw him wearing OnitsukaTiger, and realized how good it looked. It’s sporty, but it seems like a lot of OnitsukaTiger things work as nice fashion items too.


── Do you wear sneakers often?

Actually I’ve just recently started wearing them. Before then, I always wore leather shoes. But I’m wearing sneakers that I would see on adults who I consider to look good. And I’m starting to feel more mature too, so I’m becoming more aware of the functionality and comfort issues of sneakers, and wearing ones that fit those criteria.

── Do you have any particular fashion that you consider to be your own style?

I like simple stuff. I want clothes that are comfortable, and that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting dirty, but that still have an element of style. I love coveralls. I have about 7 similar sets of them. I also like jumpsuits.

── Now that you’re 27, are there any changes in your fashion?

I’ve probably been pretty casual for the past three or four years. I mean, I’ve basically figured out what I need to buy when I go clothes shopping now. So if I go shopping, I’ll just get one or two outfits for a season. I already have my main look kind of set, and have been wearing my favorite stuff for a long time.


── Oh, by the way, speaking of you, what kind of personality would you say you have?

I’m stubborn. But more flexible than one might expect.

── What do you mean? It can’t be both (laughs).

It takes me a little time to open up to someone, but once I do, I’m very accepting (laughs). I guess I’m a little shy (haha).

── Have you always been somewhat shy?

I’m better than I used to be…. I used to be pretty edgy, to almost weird degree. But since I’ve gotten into this profession, performing with more experienced actors and working with various staff members, and also having interactions with younger actors as well as younger people in general, I’ve been changing bit by bit.


── So, are you a drinker?

I’m no heavyweight… but I do like to have a few drinks now and then. Things are more fun when you’re drunk. A friend of mine runs a bar, so that’s the only place where I’ll let myself get really messed up (laughs).

── If you suddenly had a day off tomorrow, what would you do?

I’d love to go to the sea and do some scuba diving! I already have a license. Once when working, I saw something called a giant oceanic manta ray. They can get up to eight meters big, and I was in the middle of a group of seven of them! I was like, “Oh, I’m totally going to die” (haha). You can only experience something as special as that in the ocean. And now I’m hoping to swim with a sea lion someday (smiles).

── Swimming with a sea lion! That’s quite the goal (laughs).

Sea lions are cute, they’re fun like dogs. When you’re swimming with them, they’ll bite your fin and run away with it, like a dog stealing a toy from you. They’re playful and friendly, they’re like the dogs of the ocean! I love it.


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