Eri Tachibana look.2

This is the second installment of the Eri Tachibana interview!
In this part, we ask Eri how she feels about graduating college and dedicating all of her time to the modeling industry.


It’s been three years since her ViVi modeling audition. This spring, Eri Tachibana is going to graduate college, and then devote all her time to being a model. She’s in various magazines, commercials, and shows, so don’t blink, or you might miss something. We ask her all about her love of fashion, her work, and more.


   How did it feel to wear Onitsuka Tiger?

Comfortable (smiles). Very easy to wear. It has that terrycloth sweatsuit material, with some mesh parts, and I like the strong design. It’s a nicely arranged outfit, very cute.

   Do you dress like this in your private life?

I really like sweatsuit material, I wear a lot of pants and tight skirts and stuff made with it, and of course tops with that and other material. It’s just really nice.

   Do you wear sneakers very often?

Yeah, I wear sneakers a lot! I think I have about five pairs, and I kind of take turns with them. The way I choose which ones to wear mainly depends on how comfortable they are! And also if they go well with the clothes that I have. But I also sometimes feel like wearing something eye-catching, or something that has some kind of nice highlight or focal point or something.


   Are there any special fashion item tips to look out for this summer?

I guess “Ame-slee”. American sleeves; it’s a sort of unusual tanktop type of sleeve. Kind of like the Kintaro character I guess (laughs). That kind of style is really fresh.

   Is it hard to keep your figure in check, or do beauty maintenance or whatever?

I think I was pretty well aware of that before I even started working as a model. I might have been even more aware of it then compared to now… (laughs). I’m not really properly exercising now, although I am watching what I eat. When you eat, eat well, and when you’re limiting what you eat, do that properly too. I’m trying to be more careful about the actual content of what I eat, rather than the amount.

As for beauty maintenance, my skin has to handle a lot of makeup in this line of work, so the main thing I’m careful about is skin care.

   What do you think distinguishes you from the other ViVi models?

There are a lot of mixed-race models, and I don’t want to appear inferior to them, so I keep a mindset like, “I’m working just as hard as a full-blooded Japanese person!”


   What kind of professional goals do you have?

I just want to graduate college and focus on my modeling, and do the absolute best that I can. I’m also thinking about trying to break into movies.

   I guess in that case, you’ll be held to the standards of movie actors.

That’s true. I only have experience taking acting lessons, and have never acted in a proper production, so it’s a whole new world for me. Nonetheless, I’d still like to try it.


   Is there any particular actor that you’re looking to emulate?

I’ve always liked Kiko Mizuhara. There’s something unusual about her; she’s has great facial expressions. I’m not sure how to put it; it’s like she has this special aura or something, she’s just beautiful.

   It must be amazing, you’re entering this whole new world, rubbing elbows with all these modeling stars.

I had a quick look at the Tokyo Girls’ Collection, it’s really something (laughs)! After that I thought, wow, I really need to do my utmost as a model.