Atsushi Tamura look.2

This is part 2 of the interview with Atsushi Tamura from London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go! In this second installment we talk with Atsushi about his active lifestyle.


Continuing from last month, Atsushi Tamura (of London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go), normally an energetic guy with an active image, tells us how he spends his time in his private life. We have an interesting talk about what he’s into, where he wants to go, … during which we were able to see the real side of serious and intelligent Atsushi.


   What do you look like on your days off?

I dress casually all the time, so whether I’m at home or on TV, the clothes are the same. But if I’m an emcee or hosting something, I’ll wear some sort of suit. When I have time for shopping, I go to shops that carry my favorite brands. That’s when I go to the Onitsuka Tiger in Daikanyama (smiles).


   You really don’t seem 41; how do you stay looking so young?

I don’t do anything. I don’t do any exercise; as a matter of fact, I’m pretty chubby compared to before (smiles). One time I tried wakesurfing, and that was really fun. It was apparently supposed to be this huge thing, but nothing really happened with it this year (laughs).


   So, you’re really busy with your up and coming band too; are you going for any specific look?

I don’t look for any particular style, or color, I just sit down with my stylist and we come up with something. I’m sure the inspiration for the design definitely comes from something I’ve seen…. Whenever we find good clothes or shoes, we incorporate them. But I don’t know where the ideas come from, so that’s kind of weird (laughs). There are some cases where it might seem like I’m copying someone’s look, but that’s not really the case (smiles).


   Got it (smiles). So, is there anything in particular that you’re into at the moment?

I like going around to housing exhibitions. I hadn’t been planning on building my own house or anything, but I’m actually starting to get interested in doing it now. There’s a building contractor whose designs look completely different from the competition. They’re different industries, but I think the basic motivation is probably the same whether it’s a house you want to live in or a pair of shoes you want to try on.


   Where would you most like to go now?

I’d like see Bali. A lot of IT CEOs and stuff from Japanese companies are moving Singapore or wherever because of the low taxes, right? That makes it possible to compare Japan with other countries. For tax purposes, Singapore is the place to go; so what’s the takeaway lesson from that? Along that line of thought, Bali is supposed to be a great place for education, so I definitely want to go and find out for myself. I don’t have any kids though (laughs).

   And last, could you tell us something you’re planning to try in the future?

Lately I’ve noticed that local TV has been really good. They have more relaxed rules, or rather, like TV from the old days, it seems like the people who are trying to produce good programs are often connected with the local TV stations. And there are a lot of shows on the air now that I’d like to do. It would be nice to see something like a cross between a current affairs program and a variety show, but with a more viewer-friendly format.