Naomi Watanabe

Everybody knows this hot fashionista!
An interview with Naomi Watanabe.

Naomi Watanabe has been making a name for herself lately as a fashion trendsetter. This talk includes all kinds of great info, like what she thinks about Onitsuka Tiger, her views on her own personal style, how life is after turning 30, and more!


── How was the shoot?

It was fun! I feel lucky that I got to try on all kinds of shoes. I was already an Onitsuka Tiger customer, so I’m happy to get the chance to do this kind of job.

── How did the shoes feel?

Well I already kind of knew about that before, but yeah, they were light and nice for walking around!

── What kind of brand image does Onitsuka Tiger have for you?

I think one big thing for me is that they’re a Japanese product. I guess they might be assembled in Asia somewhere, but they have that handcrafted, carefully constructed look.


── Have you always been a sneaker person?

Not really. My feet get tired easily (haha). Even with sneakers, I could never find a pair that fit right. But since trying Onitsuka Tiger, I’ve been putting sneakers into my outfits more and more.

── What are some things you usually wear in your personal life?

Casual pants and jeans, dresses, all kinds of different styles. Sneakers can go with any kind of look, so I have several pairs. My three main pairs are pink, green and purple.

── Is there some kind of look that you want to try this Spring?

Hmm…. Yeah, I want to try that something that shows off my legs a little!



── Looking back, how were your 20s?

I don’t remember anything at all about my 20s (haha). It was all a blur, it went so fast. I don’t really feel like I have anything special to show for it either, so I want to have a clear idea of what I want in my 30s.

── So then, do you have any particular goals for your 30s, something you want to achieve?

There’s more overseas work these days, so I’d like to be able to do more of that, especially if it’s something that can be shot in Japan. Like magazine photo shoots for tourism, inviting visitors to come, I’d like to do that.

── So just to change things up a little, regardless of gender, what kind of person do you like?

Someone who has a similar sensibility as me. I like serious people. Like, if the traffic light is red, and the person’s like, “Whatever, I’m going anyway,” those are not my kind of people (smiles).


── Well, that answer was kind of unexpected.

What? So you think I’m the kind of person who would just blow through a stop light? (haha)

── Oh, of course not. So anyway, what is the part of the day when you feel happiest?

When I get home, and all my work is taken care of, and I can get in bed. I love lying in bed, checking my cell phone before sleep (haha). I check online news, read the comments, and I’m like, “Whoa, there was a fire,” or whatever, I like that kind of thing.

── Oh, okay (lol). You put forth a positive image; are you a forward-looking person?

Actually I’m pretty negative. In fact, I don’t really feel comfortable around positive people…. But it’s because I’m negative that I think I can keep focused on what’s in front of me.

When I’m like, “Ugh, tomorrow’s going to suck…” I try to visualize the situation. So I’ll think, “okay, if I screw up, then I’ll do this,” and then if it turns out all right, I’m like, “Okay, you made it.”


── There certainly does seem to be a good side to being negative, given that perspective.

If it’s the good kind of positive person then that’s fine with me. But not if it’s one of those “positive” people who, when something happens, are like, “Hey, what are you crying for? It’ll work out somehow as long as you’re smiling!” I can’t deal with that kind of person, it’s like they’re forcing you to not feel a certain way (laughs). I guess I’ve kind of let my serious side slip out with that comment. Anyway, I think having a negative mindset can actually set the stage for living a positive life, if that makes sense.

── Thank you for delving in deep on that one with me! 

What? If you say so… (haha).