Kohei Takeda look.1

After ten years, the Kamen Rider series is back!
An interview with actor Kohei Takeda.

It’s been ten years since the end of the Kamen Rider Kiva TV series. Now Kamen Rider is back, as played by Kohei Takeda in the Kamen Rider Build TV series. He’s got the look, and with his acting experience developed since his teens, he’s also proven his acting ability. Look for even bigger things to come in the future from Kohei Takeda. In this interview we ask him a ton of stuff about fashion!


   So, how was today’s shoot?

I always knew Onitsuka Tiger was known for its sneakers, but today I got a chance to see that they have a lot of great sporty apparel too! It was fun to try some of it for the shoot today.

   What kind of style do you usually wear?

I don’t have any one particular signature look, but I like clothes that are comfortable and easy to relax in. Sometimes I’ll wear a pair of skinny jeans or something, but most of my wardrobe is a little more loose-fitting. More of a laidback look.


   Do you wear sneakers often?

Yeah, that’s pretty much all I wear. I have a lot of high-tops. I’ve injured my ankles a lot, gotten sprains and stuff (laughs). So I wear high-tops for more support.

   Do you have any other criteria for choosing your shoes?

I tend to go with whatever catches my eye. I guess I have a lot of white sneakers. With white soles, your feet look a little bigger, and it makes it feel like there’s a stronger base, so that’s the kind I usually get.


   What do you think of girls who wear sneakers?

I love them. Heels are fine too, but when you walk down the street with a girl wearing them, it’s distracting. Each step makes a noise, and you have to be careful of holes in the street, like manholes (haha). So, I like girls in sneakers who I can be active with. You can go for walks, and it’s comfortable doing a lot of walking when out shopping or whatever.

   What kind of style do you prefer for girls?

Nothing in particular, I just prefer them to be content and confident in whatever they choose to wear. So I guess that means I prefer girls who are sure of themselves. Like, someone who has a strong personal policy, and I think it’s really nice when a girl has a fashion mindset geared toward her lifestyle and interests.


   Tell us what you’re looking forward to most in your personal life.

I’m busy filming Kamen Rider Build pretty much every day, but it’s fun to go to dinner afterward with my castmates. There are people from their early teens up to older than me, so there’s quite a mix, it’s kind of like an afterschool club or something, it’s a really fun atmosphere. Also, I like my dog!

   You have a Pomeranian, don’t you?

Yes! He’s so cute. When I first saw him I thought he looked like a premature baby or something, like he was underdeveloped, and I wanted to help raise him right. But now he’s full of energy, and when I leave him alone, he won’t stop licking my face (haha). So as a result, I don’t really go out for drinks very often anymore (laughs).


In next month’s issue of LOOK.2, we have more of Kohei Takeda, including some little-known points of his personality, his view on some of the roles he’s played, his future vision, and more!