Dori Sakurada look.2

Installment 2 of the Dori Sakurada interview!
In this part we give you a close-up of some issues in his private life.

In addition to acting, Dori is also making a name for himself in the music industry. In this part of the interview we focus on personal topics, covering everything from his self-analysis of a character trait you wouldn’t expect, to the type of girl he likes.


──What does your usual style look like?

I wear a lot of black. And I like clothes with unusual designs. A lot of my tops and bottoms don’t exactly match, but when I put them together, they usually work to a certain extent. Anytime I see something I like, I buy it without thinking about what I might have that goes together well with it.

──It sounds like you do a lot of shopping on instinct.

Yeah, I do. I usually don’t stand there wondering whether or not I should buy something, I just get it. My regular spots for shopping are Harajuku and Aoyama. I’ll just stop by on my way home from work or whatever. On my days off I don’t even leave home usually (laughs).


──Oh, I wouldn’t have expected you to be a homebody!

Yeah, if I’m not working I often just stay at home all day. The only time I wear proper outfits is when I’m going to work (smiles). But I think you can usually get some sense of a person from their clothes, so I don’t want to just wear anything.

Yeah, so on my days off I just stay in my pajamas all day (haha). And I don’t even get out of bed. I use my computer, draw comic book characters, that kind of thing. And for meals too, sometimes I only eat once a day. I mean, I get hungry, it’s just too much trouble to get up and have something (laughs).

──Wow, so it sounds like there’s a huge difference between how you are at work versus your time off.

Yeah, but it’s not like I have some sort of internal on/off switch or anything. When I show up to work and see my stylist, I’ll put on a professional demeanor, but inside I’m usually just at baseline. Like, the way I feel right now is pretty much the same as the way I feel at home.


──So, if you were to give us a self-analysis, what kind of personality would you say you have?

There are things that I’m totally into, and other things that I have absolutely no interest it. Like when I’m talking to someone, for topics I’m interested in I could go on forever, covering every little detail, but for other topics I couldn’t care less, and you can probably tell by the look on my face. (haha).

──It sounds like you tend to go to extremes…

I do! No matter what it is, I go to extremes; like, one time when I got into ramen, I ate it every day for a week straight. And sometimes I get totally carried away shopping for clothes, whereas other times I completely lose interest in it. I guess I have a self-control problem (haha).


──Do you happen to have blood type B?

Yup (smiles). People with type B blood tend to be a bit rough, right? But in my case, I like to keep my room clean. I’m very particular about my own little things. So if I’m staying in a hotel or something, I’m not careful at all with anything, it’s a total mess (haha).

──Wow (laughs). Does that trait reflect at all in your work?

I think the work I’m doing influences me, yeah. Like, I don’t drink coffee, but when I was acting in the character of a business person, I did. In my head, the image of a stylish business person was that of a coffee drinker (haha).

Also, one time when I was acting as a student, I was always going to karaoke. I’m enthusiastic, and kind of like making a big deal of things. It’s not like I completely lose myself in my character or anything though…. (haha)


──So how about for girls? Do you have any strong inclinations for any particular type?

No, not any particular type, but I like girls who are faithful, honest and sincere. And I guess in terms of style, I probably tend to prefer girls who dress somewhat similar to me, though I’m not super picky about it. Regardless of what anyone else thinks of us, as long as we see eye-to-eye, that’s fine with me.

──And last, how about marriage? Do you think you’d like to settle down someday?

Yeah, I would. But I’m not sure when that will be. I don’t have any clear picture of it in my head, although I don’t want to get married too late or anything, I guess (haha).