Yuki Kashiwagi look.1

A fresh start with a short haircut!
I interviewed Ms. Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48/NGT48)

Ms. Yuki Kashiwagi is a member of the national idol group AKB48, as well as its sister group NGT48 based in Niigata. While Ms. Kashiwagi is known for her long hair, she has recently gotten a big makeover by cutting it short. Dressed smartly wearing Onitsuka Tiger shoes, she has a new charisma that is different from her stage presence. In this interview, I tried to discover what Ms. Kashiwagi really thinks. Please enjoy!


── What did you think of today’s photo shoot?

I had just cut my hair a few days ago and had not had a photo shoot since then, so I was a little anxious about today. However, items that I would have been apprehensive about wearing if I had long hair, I found myself wearing without resistance. It was a photo shoot that made me wish to wear this kind of fashion even more in the future!

── Was there a change by cutting your hair short?

In the morning, I grab some clothes and check myself in the foyer mirror, and when I looked at myself I thought, “Oh, I look different!” (laughing). There are good and bad sides to this. Clothes I was used to wearing before did not suit me anymore, or conversely I was able to wear clothes that were difficut to mix-and-match before.


── Are there Onitsuka Tiger items that you particularly like?

Yes! There is an item designed in collaboration with Snidel that everyone in AKB thought was cute, but by the time I knew of it, it had already sold out. Some of the member got this item, but I wasn’t able to get it in time and was jealous. Collaborative items are always cute aren’t they? I also like the cute gingham check sneakers that I wore for this shoot.

Honestly speaking, I thought sneakers are hard to mix-and-match. But with these sneakers with a cute design, I was able to convey a feminine look with a boyish style.

── By the way, what kind of style do you like when it comes to men’s fashion?

Hmm… I think anything is fine as long as it suits you. But men who can look good wearing even simple clothes are cool.


── Do you have an ideal date plan?

I love seasonal events that allow you to experience the seasons such as going to the sea in the summer or seeing the winter illuminations! I definitely get excited when I’m with someone who enjoys such things and makes it part of the date plan (laughing).

── Watching fireworks wearing a yukata is nice and simple.

Yes, that’s a good idea. I especially like summer events. I was born in the summer and am definitely a summer person. That would be an ideal event for a date.


── What would you do on a long vacation?

I have never been overseas in my private time, so my ideal would be to travel abroad alone! As I like the summer, Hawaii or a southern island would be nice. I would lounge around doing nothing without making plans.


→ Ms. Yuki Kashiawagi will also appear in next month’s LOOK.2! We asked her about her work and future dreams.