Misako Uno look.2

Get set for part two of our interview with Misako Uno!
So, just what is the reason that she looks so good in her all-natural appearance?

Misako Uno’s natural look is great. During this candid interview, we were able to get a peek into a side of her you wouldn’t expect, while discussing her views toward work, the way she spends her time off, and more.


── You’re active in different areas, like music and acting; do you view them any differently?

No, I don’t. One common point with respect to the demands of those endeavors would be that I’ve accomplished them in the right way. Also, I’m able to offer my own interpretation of the work that I do to some degree, whether it’s singing a song the way I want to or whatever. I think it’s important to consider what the other person wants, and adjust accordingly.

── During the shoot, you looked so natural; do you have any acting experience?

Thank you (smiles). I wouldn’t say it’s acting; rather it’s probably more like I’m drawing upon all of my experiences up to this point. I really remember the expressions I’ve used for various experiences, how I’ve talked in different situations. I recreate those experiences as single scenes for when I’m facing the camera.

── Wow, that’s quite the approach! So what makes it worthwhile to do go to such lengths?

Oh, it depends. Like, when I’m performing live, and I happen to catch the reaction of a fan, it makes me happy to be a sense of how they feel. So when I’m filming, or on the set of a drama, and I’m working with a bunch of industry professionals, it really provides the motivation to produce top-quality work. When I’m able to draw on the strengths of others, which in turn allows us to create something better together, it really is a wonderful sense of accomplishment.


── Is there a big difference between the way you live your life in private versus work?

Yeah, that’s what people say. I don’t really feel like I put so much effort into it, but according to friends and family who know the real me, when I’m in work mode, I’m almost shockingly different (haha).

── So, do you ever meet people on your days off?

No. I might go out for dinner or something occasionally, but usually not (smiles).

── So then, say you suddenly had a day off tomorrow, what would you want to do?

Well first of all, I would sleep until noon (LOL), then, depending on the weather, I might go out for coffee or something, have something to eat, and then spend the afternoon napping and watching TV dramas.


── That really is just a regular day (haha)

Yup (laughs). But that’s for if I only have one day off. If it’s longer, say two or three days in a row, then I’d want to see friends for one of those days.

── So, would you say it’s important to have time alone to get rid of stress?

Yeah, when I’m alone is when I’m most at ease. Although it might not particularly be a good thing, when I’m by myself I tend to put up walls to protect my own space. So when I get home, I’m like, “Ah! Finally!”

── Just to change gears for a second, what would you like to do if you weren’t working in the entertainment industry?

That was kind of sudden (laughs). I’d probably be working in a café or something. I’ve never had a normal part-time job, so I’d like to see what it’s like to have direct contact with customers like that.


── To wrap things up, can you tell us about something you’d like to do in the future?

I have lots of opportunities working with AAA, so I’d like to continue to do more with the other members for as long as possible. Recently I’ve made solo music, and have realized that writing lyrics is what I find most enjoyable. Going forward, I’d like to find more ways to express myself.

I like traveling, so in my private life, I’d like to see Europe! I find the idea of going somewhere new, seeing different scenery, and having interactions with people I don’t know very intriguing, and think it would be nice to have the kinds of experiences that would allow me to discover new words and feelings.