Shunsuke Daito look.1

An interview with Shunsuke Daito, an actor spanning various genres.

He made his debut at the age of 19 in 2005, and has been in TV dramas, movies, and other media. Shunsuke Daito is very cool and reserved, but this fun interview reveals his Osaka upbringing. In the interview, Shunsuke, an Onitsuka Tiger fan, focuses on fashion.


   So, Shunsuke, I heard you’re kind of an Onitsuka Tiger freak.

Yeah, I have quite a few of their T-shirts and sneakers! There’s one T-shirt I absolutely love, I have it in several different colors and sizes (laughs). I really like the current setup suits and cut of the fabric, the colors are great.

   What do you think are Onitsuka Tiger’s best features?

The fit. Like with what I wore today, the way it fit me and the cut of the fabric were just perfect. And this T-shirt is great. I’m going to get a bunch of these (smiles).


   So, how did you first hear about Onitsuka Tiger?

When I was a student. There was a time when I wore Onitsuka sneakers. I didn’t know anything about fashion at that time, so shoes were a major focal point for me. But I’ve known for years now that Onitsuka Tiger is a hot brand, and since have gotten into the clothes too.

   Oh, okay, so originally you were into the sneakers.

I’ve always loved sneakers. These sneakers I’m wearing now feel good, and the design is nice too. I don’t wear shoes that are too flashy or busy, so these simple yet fun shoes are great for me!




   What kind of fashion are you normally into?

Sometimes I want to dress casual, but my style changes fairly often along with my mood. Recently I’ve been into lots of solid colors; it’s similar to the way uniforms look, so that’s been fun. I like the color gray. So now I’m into lots of solid greys.

   What kind of fashion do you like on women?

Basically whatever suits them is what I like to see. If you’re going to ask me whether I prefer pants or skirts, then I like skirts (laughs). But with fashion, it’s not about what you wear, but rather, “I’m going out today, so I’ll wear this,” or, “I’m going out for dinner, so I’ll wear this,” it’s all about matching the fashion with the time, place and occasion. It’s nice to see people who let their clothes create their mood.


  So, if you had a date with someone like that, where would you go? 

I’m pretty active, so on my days off I like to go out somewhere. Like, going for a drive in the mountains, playing frisbee by the river, something like that. So instead of resting when tired, I’m the type to play when tired. So if my partner is tired, I want to take them somewhere with open space. The pace is different in the city, so I guess getting away from that is the best way to feel refreshed.

→ In next month’s Look.2 we’ll be adding more about Shunsuke Daito’s acting highlights and work background!