Anna Tsuchiya look.2

Installment #2 of our Anna Tsuchiya interview!
She’s hot and trendy, even as a mom!
So what is the true style of the bold, strong-willed Anna?

── How do you feel looking back at the shoot?

It was fun! But of course it would be (laughs). I like modeling and fashion shoots more than anything else. Clothing and sports are two of my staples, so I think it’s been pretty easy—and I mean that in a good way—to do a job in which I get to show items featuring a combination of sporty and cute.


── So, how about incorporating some of today’s items into your own personal wardrobe?

I think I could put the shoes together with lots of different outfits; sporty clothes, suits and skinny pants. They’re comfortable and look nice.

── Do you usually wear sneakers?

I wear a lot of masculine things, so yeah, that would include sneakers. I like shoes that are sporty and comfortable. Everyone notices shoes; they’re important, so I like heavyish and wide ones.


── Is there any particular fashion item you want to try for the Spring/Summer season?

I want to incorporate a lot of regular fashion items, so I’m thinking that I’ll put dressy apparel items together with sneakers, and then change up the look even more with a coat or something.

I’ve figured out that if you put an elegant item together with a top, it creates a really nice look. If I make use of this idea, I might get some more relaxing jobs (haha).

── That’s a little different from the look you’ve always had, isn’t it?

It is! I think the clothes I’ve worn until now have been kind of boyish (laughs). I want to make some changes! I’m going to try to be more ladylike in 2017.


── So, has anything changed since you’ve become a mother?

I used to be pretty selfish. I did what I wanted to, went out when I wanted to. But now I’m working for my child, and making meals. So yeah, the biggest change has been that everything I do now, I do for my child.

People often say, “Are you willing to give your life for your child?” right? I can definitely say that I would. But that’s not just the blind love of a doting mother. I think the idea is to build a strong base for them to grow and develop.

── So, has your fashion also changed at all since becoming a mother?

The things I like haven’t changed. I don’t know how other mothers feel, but my style is my own. On the other hand, there is the issue of getting older (laughs). When I was younger I’d throw on a leather jacket and go out, all flashy and frivolous, but if I did that now people would stare (haha).

I’m going for a more sophisticated beauty now, and starting to appreciate finer items, but I think that’s probably a generational issue.


── What kind of look do you want for your children?

I want them to look good! When I was little, I wore frilly little dresses and pink things. I want them to wear stuff that you can only get away with wearing as a kid. Boys in particular dress down, right? I want there to be more colorful stuff, like green and orange. And stuff with patterns and fun designs would be good too!

── How would you like 2017 to be?

I want to focus on having fun and relaxing.

I always have to have all my bases covered, that’s just the kind of person I am. So I think it would be good if I could take it easy a little more. And in doing so, that would probably lead to more opportunities for fun. But it’s also important to be busy, so I guess a full work and private schedule is a good thing. So that’s something I want to have fun with!