Akemi Darenogare look.2

Installment 2 of our interview with Akemi Darenogare!
In this part we talk to her about her real plans, now that she’s 26.

Ms. Darenogare wears a chic autumn outfit. She looks distinguished and sophisticated, as she continues to mature and establish her identity. She’s 26 now, and we get the scoop on her plans for the next ten years and all kinds of other stuff!


── How did you feel about what you wore?

My whole view of sneakers has totally changed! I didn’t think sneakers would go well with this kind of nice outfit, so it was a nice surprise to find out that they actually match great.

── How did the shoes feel?

The sneakers last time were good too, but this time there was something different about the way they fit. The heel is pretty high, but they were so light and comfortable that I didn’t even notice. It’s more tiring to wear heels, right? But I didn’t feel that way at all with these, it was awesome!


── By the way, is there anything in particular you prefer to see men wearing?

I just like guys who look normal (laughs). I like to see guys in T-shirts, jeans, sneakers, casual stuff. In autumn, just add a jacket to that and make it a nice simple look.

── Okay, so on the other hand, what kind of things do you NOT like to see guys wearing?

I really don’t like pointy-toed shoes and shoes with metal studs (laughs). And the skinny look! Some guys should not be wearing skinny jeans (laughs). The worst is when someone with short legs wears white skinny jeans. When I was overseas, there was this guy wearing white skinny pants, and he had really long legs, I thought he looked really good. But when I got back here to the airport, and saw Japanese guys with short legs wearing skinny pants, I was just like, “Okay, no, not good” (smiles). If they work well on you, then of course that’s fine, but, you know.


── Haha, got it (smiles). So Akemi, you’re 26 now; what’s your theme for this year?

“Be nice to people, be nice to myself” (laughs). I’m kind of rough on people, and rough on myself as well, you know. I’m way too picky. But I doubt I’ll ever be able to get rid of that part of myself, so instead I want to try to kind of “open my heart a little” or something (haha). I’m 26 now, so I want to change those kinds of things about myself!

── Do you have any female role models?

I love Angelina Jolie! I like her lifestyle. There’s so much I can learn from watching her, especially as a woman, she’s what I consider to be the ideal woman. So I really look up to her and want to emulate her.


── Okay, and last but not least; where do you see yourself in ten years?

I’ll be 36! I wonder what I’ll be doing…. I guess it depends on who I’m married to (laughs). Oh, I’m definitely going to be married (haha). I’ll have two kids, one will be very strong-willed, and the other will be quiet. And I can see myself getting really angry at the strong-willed one (haha).