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The second installment of an interview with SONAMOO, the girls group bringing K-pop into the next generation.

SONAMOO means "pine tree" in Korean. SONAMOO's music is full of vitality, and their performances are elegant and powerful, like a pine tree. When the seven girls take to the stage, each of them unique, it's a sight to see. With an average age of 18.8 years, SONAMOO has the power of youth driving them, so it should be interesting to see just how far they can go.

What Japanese food or thing do you like most?
Su Min: I like ramen!
Eui Jin: I really want to go to Cat Island, that island with all the cats!
New Sun: Action figures from the One Piece comic (laughs).
D. Ana: I want to go to Disneyland! I love amusement parks. I want to go on rides with the other members.
High.D: I love those Tokyo Banana cakes!
Min Jae: I like takoyaki and the good desserts.
Na Hyun: I like natto and pudding! And I want to try dango.
Eui Jin: Na Hyun and I love Ghibli movies, so we want to go to Studio Ghibli too!
D.ana: Oh, can I say one more? I want a katsu-sandwich!
Everyone: Hahaha!
Tell us about your own good points!
Su Min: I'm cute (laughs)!
Eui Jin: My eyes and pale complexion.
New Sun: My positivity is my best point.
D.ana: My unique face and voice.
High.D: My voice can hit really high notes.
Min Jae: My neat and trim looks, and my rich voice.
Na Hyun: My bright and sparkling face (laughs)!
"[SONAMOO, the girl group who are bringing K-Pop into a new era]

In Korean, the word ""Sonamoo"" is the evergreen pine tree, and this unique group name means they perform their music with earnest vitality. SONAMOO is an spinoff group of Secret. The seven members range in age from 17 to 20, and include: 1) Su Min, the group's outstanding leader, 2) the soft, smooth vocals of lead singer Min Jae, 3) the overwhelming presence of low rapper D.ana, 4) sub vocalist Na Hyun, a standout for not only her singing but also her performance skills, 5) the natural rhythm and originality of lead dancer Eui Jin, 6) the proven ability of main vocalist High D., who appeared in various features and choruses before her debut with SONAMOO, 7) and with their rap writing done by Giant Baby New Sun. "