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Ayaka Miyoshi

She was selected for the new TSUBAKI commercial.
An interview with actress and model Ayaka Miyoshi, who has her hand in various endeavors at the moment.

Tell us about this month's outfit.
I like pants outfits, so this was perfect! I'm also into motorcycle jackets and other men's fashion. Single-tone colors for a uniform look are good, but the added patterns on this outfit give a nice little accent. The sneakers are really cute too; they break up the look, and show a little more flair.

You have a lot of men's items in your street clothes collection, don't you?
Yeah, I don't wear that many dainty things. From autumn through winter and into spring, I mainly have a more cool look. When summer rolls around, I wear some patterns and girly clothes, but mainly I stick to sporty and simple items.
Are there any hot spring items you want to mention?
I want to wear white! All white (smiles). I've been wearing a lot of black, so this season I want to change things up and try some white. I've been buying a lot of white things lately. And I'm also into the metallic look. I want to get things with silver or gold, but not too eccentric designs.

What do you look for when choosing sneakers?
I like things that can be worn in different combinations, so I check my current wardrobe, think about some outfits, find something that works, and choose my sneakers that way. Of course there are also times when I see an item, like the design, and buy it right away. I love sneakers, sometimes for the nice shape, or ones with wedge heels, all different kinds.
So, what points are important to you when matching street clothes with sneakers?
I like wearing them with long skirts, but I hear a lot of "Show some leg!", so sometimes it's nice to wear sneakers with shorts (laughs). Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of fleece dresses with caps. To change things up, I like to put on a blouse and tight skirt, and then break up the look a little by adding sneakers.

You've just had a big appearance in the new TSUBAKI commercial, haven't you?
I've just started doing this kind of work, but ever since I was little, my biggest dream was to be in a shampoo commercial. So I guess "I've finally made it!" says it all. But on the other hand, I'm only 18, and have already achieved it, so part of me winders if it was too soon.
The other day I was at a press conference with Anne and Kyoka Suzuki, and I was so nervous, I couldn't believe I was up there together with them (laughs).
This commercial series has such a long and wonderful history, and it’s really had an impact on popular culture, so I want to be sure to help uphold the tradition. And I also hope my efforts help make more people want to use the new TSUBAKI. "
Is there any kind of work you want to try, or any kind of role you want to play?
I absolutely love acting, so I'd love to try any kind of role! Up to now I've been doing more realistic roles, so I'd like to expand my range and try action, eccentric roles or something else. I'd be happy of I could show another side of myself, and have people say, "Oh, so you can do XYZ role too, Ayaka".
→ Next month, check in to hear more about Ayaka Miyoshi's private life!

Ayaka Miyoshi
Ayaka Miyoshi
Ayaka Miyoshi
Born June 18th, 1996 in Saitama Prefecture. A Seventeen magazine model. Her major appearances include the TV dramas Lost Days and GTO, and the movie Tabidachi no Shimauta - 15 no Haru.
She received her first Best New Actor Award at the 35th Yokohama Film Festival for performance in Good Morning Everyone!