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Ryota Ozawa

Playing the lead in several movies this autumn.
An interview with hot new actor Ryota Ozawa.

Tell us how you feel about your outfit.
It’s really comfortable, I could go and do exercise just the way I am, without having to change anything. And the design is really nice! I like these clothes that are easy to wear and stylish, so I really want them (smiles). And these shoes are really comfortable for walking too.

What kind of fashion do you normally wear?
I have a lot of things that are comfortable and easy to wear. I don’t wear dress shirts very much, because I don’t want to worry about wrinkles (smiles). In summer I basically wear shorts and T-shirts. And I like wearing vests over T-shirts and other combinations. I used to wear single colors like black, but recently I’m getting into patterns.
You’re fashionable, but you also seem pretty active.
I don’t spend much time relaxing at home on my days off. I like hanging out at the park. If I have a whole day off, I’ll go surfing. I feel most at peace when I’m in the ocean, riding a wave, at one with nature. I’ve been playing at the beach since I was little.

There’s a photo book with shots of you on your day off like that, scheduled for release in October, right?
Yeah, it’s set in my hometown. The ocean is so beautiful, and there are some surfing shots too. Looking at shots of old familiar places and my old high school, it feels a little strange to see my old self overlapping with the current me. You can see the real me at all of those old spots; the “Natural Ozawa” (laughs).
You play all kinds of roles, don’t you?
Yeah, some of the roles I’ve played have been a helpless weakling, a bad boy, and a nerd. When I first started, I used to overact certain parts of my roles; but after meeting lots of different actors, I’ve learned to internalize the role and become the character more naturally. I want to get better at creating a distinction between the different scenes and roles that I do. This October I play a really sadistic lineal descendant with dyed blond hair in Danganronpa The Stage, which is a totally new kind of role for me.

In the movie The Pinkie released this September you play two different roles, right?
I play Ryosuke and Koyubi (Pinkie), who are really only different in terms of the clothes they wear, but I developed a different walk for each character to differentiate them in my head. Filming only took five days! But even so, it was actually double the amount of scenes because I was playing two characters. Honestly, it was really hard, but I got through it with the help of everyone on the set. After that I’m in an action movie, which I haven’t done for a long time, and in that I do all my own stunts. So that’s something not to miss.
Could you tell us what some of your goals are from here on out?
I’d like to perform with actors who are intelligent and have smart lifestyles. Also, I want to try acting roles of nasty characters with bad habits. Also characters with strong nerve, something I don’t have much of myself. In my personal life, I want to just take some time off and have fun! I want to try scuba diving. I used to do a lot of skin diving in the ocean by my hometown (smiles).

Ryota Ozawa
Ryota Ozawa
Born on January 25th, 1988 in Chiba Prefecture.
Ryota Ozawa made his acting debut in 2011 in the TV drama Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Since then he has acted in the TV drama Naruyouni Narusa, the movie Love Gear (Koisuru Haguruma), and has made acting and celebrity appearances in a range of TV and movie programs and specials. Ozawa is a big name in the acting scene now, playing the lead role in The Pinkie and Akira No. 2, both scheduled for release in September, as well as an appearance in Danganronpa The Stage in October.