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Takahashi Ai

An interview with fashion icon Ai Takahashi, the pop singer with an adorable style and impeccable fashion sense.

Tell us about what you’re wearing today.
Recently I’ve been into loud and flashy patterns, and the shoes I’m wearing today are pretty unique. I like matching the patterns of my clothes with my shoes. The tops are made with a mesh material, so I think I’ll be able to wear them throughout this season. These are a staple item for when I want to dress simply.
These are high-waist shorts I’m wearing, so it’s a relief to have shoes like these to go with them. (laughs) Recently I’ve been wearing a lot of clothes with a high waist, and there’s nothing more comfortable to wear with them than these!

Are you picky about fashion?
I’m short, so I need clothing and accessories that give me a little more length, or that aren’t too long, and in general provide the right balance for someone my size by working around my limitations. I’m conscious of the length of clothing and shoes I buy, since they can help cover up certain attributes. So, I’d say I’m more “tricky” than “picky”. (smiles) But I’m not tall like a model, so I think my style is a better match for most people.
What kind of shoes do you usually wear?
I wear sneakers most of the time. Heels are better for a more feminine appeal, but I prefer something more comfortable. Living in Tokyo means I walk a lot, so I need shoes that allow me to walk for a long time without getting tired.

How does it feel to wear Onitsuka Tiger shoes?
The first time I wore them, I was surprised at how light they were! I had to walk a lot that day, but I didn’t get tired at all. And they had a nice design too. When I got them and first opened the box, they looked really good.

What have you bought lately?
I’ve been buying a lot of print T-shirts. I love fast fashion, but in order to avoid having exclusively those items, I’m having fun trying and coordinating all different kinds of things. But if I buy too much, my husband gets upset. He says, “The more you get, the more you have to get rid of, right?” (laughs)
What’s the secret of your style and beauty?
I can’t think of anything about me in particular, but when I was in Morning Musume, some of the other members gave me some beauty and fashion tips. After “graduating” from Morning Musume, some things I have been doing are taking long baths, doing yoga, and other activities that make me sweat. If I have enough time, I do yoga up to three times a day. (smiles)

Tell us about your future plans.
I love performing, so I’d like to continue to develop myself by working in fashion, movies, TV and on stage in different genres. I’m having fun trying different kinds of roles, with musical appearances this July in Jeeves & Wooster, and this August in Anne of Green Gables.
Takahashi Ai
Ai Takahashi
Born: September 14th, 1986
Hometown: Fukui Prefecture
Blood type: A
Work experience: Morning Musume. 10 years as a member of the band’s fifth generation. Sixth leader of Morning Musume, also was leader of Hello! Project.
After graduating from Morning Musume on September 30th, 2011, Ms. Takahashi worked as the Fukui Brand Ambassador for her home prefecture of Fukui. She continues to work to spread the appeal of Fukui to the masses.
Ms. Takahashi has been working consistently for some time to improve her skills as a performer.
In August, she is scheduled to appear in 2014TOURS’ musical Anne of Green Gables.
She also continues to work daily on her craft as an actress.